Handmade Christmas Wreath

With a busy December full of activities and gatherings, it seem hard to carve out the time to decorate the lovely place you call home. But a decorated, festive home warms the heart and there is really nothing compared to arriving home after the celebrations to a warm, jolly home.

Christmas Wreath
img_5436In search of the perfect holiday wreath to warm the entryway of your home? This wreathe will stun on your front door, foyer or living room — maybe displayed on the mantle, above the toasty fireplace.

With this tutorial, you can create a festive yet simple Christmas Wreath guaranteed to wow and welcome guests into your home!

Homemade Christmas Wreath

Supplies: Christmas Wreath

  • Hula hoop
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Clear string
  • Brown twine
  • Evergreen/plant branches
  • Wooden letters or word: “JOY”
  • White twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks

Step 1:

Tie the burlap ribbon around the hula hoop. 

Use the clear string to tie the burlap ribbon to the hula hoop, tying a knot every inch or so. Continue tying the knots around the hula hoop until it is completely covered in burlap ribbon. This will cover the hula hoop’s original color, giving it a rustic, simple background for your festive greenery.

Christmas Wreath

Tip: If you prefer, you could also use the hot glue gun to secure the ribbon to the hula hoop. This may take less time but be careful to not burn your fingers!

Step 2:

Wrap the brown twine around the hula hoop. 

We didn’t use a certain design for wrapping the twine but simply looped the twine several times before tying a knot. After a few loops, we tying the twine and continuing this process several more times.

Christmas Wreath

 Enjoy being creative and find out what looks best for your decorating style. Every wreath you create will be unique and memorable!

Step 3:

Tie the branches around the hula hoop edge.

Christmas Wreath

Use the brown twine to fasten the branches securely with double knot. You will hardly even notice the added twine since it will blend beautifully with the other brown twine and burlap ribbon.

Step 4:

Add the festive word or letters.

Christmas Wreath

After the branches have been properly tied to the hula hoop, it’s time to add your letters. While there are many options to go with including “PEACE” or “NOEL,” we decided to go with “JOY.” This simple yet bold word looks stunning against the minimalist twine background.

Use your hot glue gun to attach the white twine to the backs of the letter’s top. Since we had a wood cut out of “JOY,” we didn’t need to attach each letter separately.

Christmas Wreath

Now, all that’s left to do is tie the letters to the top of the hula hoop and there you go, a beautiful homemade masterpiece for your Christmas home.

Delight in a home that is warm as your heart this holiday season! Our tutorial can help you create a merry place to gather as a family and enjoy your Christmas together.

Christmas Wreath

This DIY project was inspired by a similar tutorial by homemadeginger. Thank you for the inspiration!