4 New Year Goals Inspired by the Amish

New Year’s Day is just around the corner and we’re sure choosing goals for 2017 are on everyone’s mind. If the world of Lancaster County encourages you to enjoy life better, we have a few uniquely-Lancaster ideas for you.


Inspired by the simple, hardworking Amish community, these four New Year resolutions will help make 2017 your best year yet!

1- Unplug from Distractions

If your schedule feels too crazy, it may be time to cut back from the distractions that hamper your enjoyment of life. Unplugging from electronic distractions could potentially increase both peace and happiness in your life.

Furniture Tip: Give yourself a break from electronic distractions by creating a cordless, unplugged haven. Set up your own personal sanctuary to rest and revive.


A good example of this humble way of living is none other than the Amish community. Aside from Rumspringa, most Amish don’t own a cellphone or even use electricity. Imagine all the books you could read, walks you could go on, or conversations you could enjoy…without the constant lure of texting and the internet.

2- Keep it Simple

untitled-designThe uncomplicated, minimal lifestyle of the Amish is a desired by most of us. Who wouldn’t enjoy the down-to-earth, peaceful way they live with homemade meals and handcrafted homes?

The Amish cultivate a lifestyle and home that promotes simplicity and peacefulness. It’s found in all that they do — even in their handcrafted furniture.

Furniture Tip: Embrace the simplicity of a clean home with a modest, refined decorating style.

If you’re looking for a little more calm in your life, try tucking away throw blankets into a blanket chest or organizing the books piles onto a bookcase. Whenever possible, choose cabinets or storage units with doors and drawers to keep any clutter out of sight.

3- Work Hard

One attribute that most Amish don’t lack is the drive and dedication to high-quality work. We see this characteristic everyday in our furniture. Through our furniture’s sturdy structure, we observe the meticulous handiwork and the strong devotion our Amish craftsmen give to every day of work.


You can be just as dedicated and hard-working as the Amish! With the distractions limited and your home styled simple, you will be able to concentrate on the working hard each and every day.

4- Embrace Nature:

fan-back-swing-4webNature is as vital to the Amish as good, quality furniture is important to Peaceful Valley Furniture — and it is very significant to us! The Amish live off the land, many growing crops or tending livestock at their farms. Most women cultivate large plots of land into blossoming gardens to feed their family.

Furniture Tip: Spend more time outside, enjoying the warming spring weather with outdoor furniture. Our Fanback Swing offers a comfortable haven to relax in the great outdoors.

Even if you live in the citym you can take little steps to embrace the world around you. Go for a daily walk to clear your mind or plan a day trip to explore a nearby national park.

You could even take your work outside…though you may want to wait until the weather warms up more!

Furniture Tip: Go green with our Double Trash Bin Cabinet with Tin Doors. Its tilt-out doors feature two 41 qt. plastic trash bin inserts — ideal for both garbage and recycling.


Enjoy a new year a little more like the simple lifestyle of the Amish! You may be surprised at the many blessings you gain from these Amish-inspired goals.