4 Lancaster Activities to Chase Away the Winter Blues

It may seem that there isn’t too much to look forward to now that Christmas has passed. But there is no need for the winter blues to get a hold of you, making you feel sad or stuck inside.

With these four activities, you can chase away the seasonal blues and embrace the wonderland of wintertime. 

If you ask us, Lancaster County is one of the best places to explore each and every season!

Winter Activity #1 — Strasburg Spring Consignment and Mud Sale

Grab your rain boots — in case it actually turns out to be muddy — and bundle up for a classic, Lancaster County shopping experience. These famous mud sales are named such because of the spring rain showers that often result in an abundance of mud around the time of the sales.

But don’t let the mud damper your excitement. Many of the sales include big buildings to escape the rain or mud, providing a lovely place to browse through handcrafted crafts, homemade quilts and unique antiques. Food and beverages will be available to give extra fuel for the weary shopper.

Dates: February 25,2017 starting at 8:00 a.m. || Find more information at the Lancaster PA website.

Winter Activity #2 — The Lititz Fire and Ice Festival

Embrace a weekend of winter fun at the Fire and Ice Festival in our quaint, little Lititz. Throughout the weekend, enchanting ice sculptures will be displayed downtown and in Lititz Springs Park.

On Friday night, locals and visitors can enjoy munching on snacks from the food truck’s in the park while watching live musicians perform.

PC: Lititz Fire and Ice Festival

The fun continues into Saturday with a Chili Cook-off where participants can sample various kinds of Chili, providing the much-needed warmth to a cold, winter weekend. The festival also includes a Vendor Fair and Winter Wonderland Carnival for children. Sunday features a low-key day of volleyball tournaments and a family movie night in the evening.

Dates: February 17-20 || For more information, check out the Lititz Fire and Ice Festival website.

PC: Lititz Fire and Ice Festival

Winter Activity #3 — Avalanche Xpress Snow Tubing at the Heritage Hills Resort

Get out and enjoy the winter weather with a thrilling day of downhill tubing. Just picture the cool crunch of snow beneath your foot, the whistle of wind past your ear, the laughter ringing in the air.

Ahh, it’s a perfect family adventure! Rumor has it that this Avalanche Xpress Snow Tubing experience is one of the most popular winter attractions in the area. While most visitors prefer the classic, fast lanes — or maybe one of the “Xtreme” lanes, for a brave tuber — the attraction also offers
two smaller lanes for the little ones.

Dates: All winter || Visit the Avalanche Xpress website for details.

Winter Activity #4 — Wolf Sanctuary of PA

What’s a more unique winter outing than visiting the 80-acre home of the Speedwell Wolves? Created over 30 years ago by the Darlington Family, this wolf-haven grew from a private rescue to an educational facility that now offers tours to the public.

PC: Wildlife Photography by Chuck Rineer
PC: Wildlife Photography by Chuck Rineer

Perfect for the animal-lover or nature-enthusiast, a tour at the Wolf Sanctuary provides a fun respite from the stuffy indoors. The tour guides provide information about the forty-some wolves that live there while showing the visitors the wolf pack’s home.

Dates: The Sanctuary is open throughout the winter on both weekdays and weekends. || The Wolf Sanctuary of PA has more details for your visit!

You deserve the chance to appreciate every season for it’s unique beauty and exciting experiences. Winter should be no exception!

We hope our Peaceful Valley Furniture activity guide inspires you to get outside and savor the blissful wonderland of wintertime!