A Simple Guide to Children’s Gifts

Many Christmases ago, you may have popped out of bed at sunrise and pounced on your parent’s bed, eager to tear open your first ocvfbChristmas present. Now, as an adult — a parent or grandparent, uncle or aunt — Christmas time is Christmas Childs Setmore about the little ones you love. Their laughter fills the crisp

December air, as their chubby hands hold yours, tugging you to the Christmas tree.

Fortunately, it’s not time to open the presents — yet. You still have plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your little one.

Simple Gifts

Remember, the simple joys of playing with homemade IMG_0124fbtoys? There’s something magical about playing with toys that aren’t connected with cords to technology. It fuels creativity and imagination.

IMG_7799fbThese days, however, technology is sprinkled into most Christmas gifts or activities, like the fine dusting of the first snow. Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with technology; often it makes our lives easier. Yet sometimes, it’s good to celebrate some of the special moments — like Christmas time — away from technology and connected to the ones you love.

No matter what your children like playing with, they are sure to be happy knowing you chose this gift especially for them!

The Animal Lover

Does your children love everything about animals?  You don’t need to get a new pet to encourage this passion. Toys, like Noah’s Ark Animals or the classic Pull Toy Dog, will both thrill and satisfy their love for all things cute and friendly!155Hfb

You can even give them the chance to imagine life in Lancaster, complete with a Horse and Buggy toy. Or treat them to an pretend pony ride on the Small Rocking Horse.

My Pretty PrincessIMG_0024fb

#46 Doll StrollerShow your special girl how much you treasure her imagination and time by giving her this Child’s Trestle Table. Now, prepare for hours of creativity as she indulges her imagination as she pretends to be the host of a princess’ tea party, the cook of your town’s best restaurant, or a famous sculptor of play dough.

Or what about a cradle or stroller for her dolls? 39(2)It’s no secret many little girls love to copy mommy; with these gifts, she can follow in her mommy’s footsteps as she takes her doll on a walk or rocks her to sleep.

Daddy’s Adventurous Boy

flair120HfbActive boys need toys to play with that utilizes both their imagination and bountiful energy. Gifts like the Motorcycle Rocker are ideal for every little man who wants to be just like his Daddy.

He may not be able to drive a real vehicle yet but that shouldn’t stop him from dreaming about the day he will.
There’s a Firetruck and Bulldozer, an Airplane and even a Log Trailer, complete with logs to transport. 199LTH No need to risk the real roads just yet, especially when he has all he needs for the ride of his life!

Lovely Little One042

Has a darling little one just arrived in the family? Or perhaps the baby is taking his first steps and ready to play, but you need a special toy to prevent digging his chubby hands into everything? Keep him busy with the Child’s 3-in-1, an functional yet fun high-chair, rocking horse and desk.airplane 016

Or give the traditional rocking chair a twist with this handcrafted Child’s Airplane, a rocker built for imaginative flying!

Your children may need your encouragement to let go of the distractions and entertainment that flood their lives. They just might need a little inspiration to pick up the wooden toys and return to the simpler days of life, with imagination and creativity in hand.

This Christmas, you can be that inspiration.